The mental soundtrack Part 2: Endeavour

I really had no idea. None at all, possessing precious little sense that my entire world was built on shifting sand. ‘Hush’ was written by Joe South and covered by Deep Purple, not the other way around. Oh, the shock. Finally, the blinkers have been removed from my eyes.

This song represents part of my mental  soundtrack. It’s a song for getting stuck in and grinding it out. I hear the bassline whilst grasping the bars and preparing to sprint up hill. I hear the vocals when bouncing down the side of a muddy hilltop suppressing a rising scream. I piece it all together when time trialling on my single speed along the Newport flats.

volume 11

The volume goes up to 11. Enjoy.

The original version of ‘Hush’  can be found on the excellent CD, ‘Delta Swamp Rock‘. I bought mine from Spillers after hearing it in the shop. Cover image via Boneshaker. Let the good times roll. 

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