Keepin’ toastie

merino cap by Shutt 2

It’s been very cold the last couple of days. With the temperature dropping to zero and wind chill adding to the fun and games, winter has undeniably arrived. Whilst Blighty may not get as as cold as our Scandinavian neighbours, the wild swings from relatively mild weather to sub zero temperatures, often makes the cold feel just that little bit colder. It may seem blindingly obvious, but one of the best things a cyclist can do to improve comfort is wear a good cap. Currently I’m favouring a Walz cap (great quality, handmade in the states) under my helmet and warming my face and neck with a Buff. Had the merino caps from Shutt VR been available (pictured above) I’d be sporting one. Merino is startlingly warm, very light and carries little bulk making it a great under helmet choice for long rides. On top of  that, Shutt  make them by hand in the UK.

The Shutt VR Merino cap retails online for £39. 

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  1. Beards are where it’s at this time of the year. I also have a friend who kindly knitted me a cap in herdwick yarn. Lovely warm head.

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