Public Service Broadcasting


Black and white documentary footage. Empty streets that evolved for people and not motor vehicles. Georgian facades lost to the blitz. A bike wheel spins as a man races for an air raid shelter.  Dawn breaks. Snippets of calm before evenings of mayhem. The wheel turns again. A spitfire soars.

These images drew the audience in at the Public Service Broadcasting gig last night. Public Service Broadcasting constitute two courodroy attired musicians (J. Willgoose, Esq and Wigglesworth), peddling jangly, guitar led electronica that mashes Paul Hardcastle with Pink Floyd, Air and a dab of Kraftwerk. It was the most immersive musical experience that I’ve enjoyed for a while (if not ever).  Meeting a  nice little crowd of friends at Buffalo bar, I’d  arrived by bike on a freezing cold night, the Taff trail reserved for me alone and illuminated by a Lezyne bike light and a vintage starry night. Alongside a Dutch bike and a fellow crosser, I locked my Genesis to some railings in Windsor place. Given the context of the music, the imagery and the stripping away of the recent past, arriving in this most simple of fashion, seemed entirely appropriate.

Catch PSB somewhere near you.

Tickets from Spillers Records, venue provided by Buffalo bar, music by Public Service Broadcasting, fun all our own. 

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