Coffee – for cyclists and artists alike

Is there a finer drink for cyclists? Tea may have its advocates. Beer, its fans. But coffee, java, mug o’joe…..well that’s the stuff of cycling folklore. For all its (legal) performance enhancing capabilities, there is simply no finer way to recover post ride than with a steaming hot, strong, coffee. Yesterday lunchtime I was doing just that in the excellent Plan cafe (Cardiff), enjoying a particularly impressive flat white. How’s that for art work?

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  1. That coffee looks good. Where is the Cafe?
    Today I received a book from amazon called Einstein & the Art of Mindful Cycling by Ben Irving which looks right up your street or should I say bike lane!

    • That’s the Plan cafe in Cardiff (Morgans arcade). Great Welsh rarebit and cake too. Highly recommended. Thanks for the book tip off – I will investigate!

      • I am part of the way through the book and it is a nice gentle read but also thought provoking. Written and published in the UK also. I have discovered a number of good magazines and books from America (Urban Velo, the Bicycle Times, the Boneshaker Alamanac, Bikesnob NYC books and Bike Tribes) which promote cycling as a way of life which resonate with me more and more as I get older. Also took delivery of the Cycling Anthology this morning so lots of choice for my mid ride coffee stops!

  2. You are welcome. One of your blogs was influential in me getting a genesis ss cross so nice to be able to return the favour.

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