Froome with a view

Original image from the BBC

So its official; Chris Froome will lead Team Sky in the Tour De France. After his muscular performances in the mountains and a pitch perfect role as Wiggins’ wingman, Froome has been given team leader for the Tour. Wiggins meanwhile, will concentrate on the Giro D’Italia. These are tantalising prospects for further British success. Can Wiggins become the first Brit to win the Giro? It’s long been muted his desire to do so and he’s at the absolute peak of his powers (provided there are no more altercations with cars). The prospect of a head to head with Alberto Contador – previously banned for doping – also adds a degree of spice and makes the time trial stages a mouth watering proposition. Were Wiggins to stand atop of the Giro podium, it would be a staggering achievement and even more so if    – as Shane Sutton suggests – Wiggins were to pursue and win both the Giro and the Vuelta. His reputation would truly be cemented as ‘legendary’ far beyond Blighty’s shores.

Can Froome win the Tour? He was pretty bloody impressive in all competitions during 2012 and – after such a long summer of top flight competition –  in the Vuelta in particular. 4th place in the GC was simply stunning. Would you fancy riding up the 25% inclines of the Cuitu Negru after the  Olympics and the Tour? Nope. Me neither. I just checked the odds. Coral are offering 7/2. I wouldn’t bet against him.

Aside from genuinely looking forward to a long summer of continental racing, I really wanted to use the bad pun in the title (sorry). Best of luck to Froome, Wiggins and co. for 2013.

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  1. Unfortunately according to the latest press stories Froome could be back playing second fiddle, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him poached to lead another team. Still, with the upheavel pro cycling is hopefully going to go through who knows what the racing situation will be like next season and what teams will still be intact.
    Charles BH

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