London bike show nocturne

Well….I’d be fibbing if I said it wasn’t tempting.  I will after all, be there for days on end (a couple at least), manning a stand and smiling in a ‘please-talk-to-me-I-won’t-bite’  kinda way. So surely, SURELY, it’s alright to nip off and do the UK’s first indoor criterium? This type of opportunity doesn’t come around very often.

This January, the London bikeshow will feature the Nocturne criterium for the first time. I’m eligible for a trade place. Should I take my bike and abscond? Or should I support my colleagues? Answers on a postcard please…..

The London bikeshow runs from Thursday the 17th January until Sunday the 20th at the Excel Arena. Odoni will be on stand LB67. I’ll be the one with the shaved legs (unless I’m not racing). Footage from the 2012 London nocturne below. 

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