Go 20 campaign

It’s road safety week and Brake (the road safety charity) have launched Go 20, an initiative to encourage local authorities to reduce the speed limit on roads to a safer 20 mph in urban areas. The reason for doing this is compelling; a 20mph limit encourages people to walk and cycle, whilst vastly reducing casualties as result of road traffic accidents. And as we all know, safer roads = more cyclists. Just ask anyone from Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Malmo….<and the list goes on>.

To access details of Go 20 and lend your support to the campaign click here. An overview of Go 20’s contact details and ethos is below.

Everyone – kids and adults – should be able to walk and cycle in their communities, for their health and enjoyment, and as a sustainable way to get to work or school, without their lives being endangered. That’s what GO 20 is all about: putting people’s safety first, and making sure we can all enjoy active lifestyles.

When communities GO 20 by adopting a 20mph speed limit, and drivers understanding those limits and slowing down, it makes our communities safer, healthier, nicer places, helping to bring about:

  • Fewer casualties
  • More walking and cycling
  • More active, happier communities
  • Less pollution
  • Lower public spending


Let’s GO 20!
On Monday we launch GO 20. Alongside a GO 20 coalition, we are appealing to drivers to slow down to 20mph around homes, schools and shops. We are also calling for 20mph limits to become the norm across built-up areas, so everyone can walk and cycle for their health and enjoyment, and for cheap and sustainable travel, without being or feeling endangered. It’s about delivering a 2012 legacy of active, healthy communities, and preventing devastating casualties.

A GO 20 website GOes live Monday at www.go20.org, with simple ways everyone can get behind the campaign, so check it out then! You can also like the campaign on Facebook now at www.facebook.com/go20campaign to keep up-to-date as things get GOing next week, and follow the campaign on Twitter through #go20mph.


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