Cycling Christmas cards anyone?


Very nice, but not one of Mark’s. Follow link below

Quite often we make our own Christmas cards. At the dangerous of sounding pious and a bit of a goody two shoes (hopefully I’m neither), there’s something quite nice about going the extra mile. I don’t know about you, but all too often I get sucked into feeling that Christmas is a walloping, king sized chore. Shame really, irrespective of your beliefs, the opportunity to take some time out with friends and family is absolutely invaluable.

This year, I’ll do the usual, cutting up bits of card and sticking some wintery photographs on them. However, I’ll making a few less after stumbling across some lovely cards by Mark Fairhurst of Zeitgeist (see link below and main page image). They’re £13.50 for a pack of 6. Friends and family can therefore look forward to receiving a proper bit of art from Mark (if they’re lucky) or a ham fisted jobbie from me (if they’re less so).

Check out Mark’s excellent cycle art here.

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