Cycle of life

“Cycle of life” Textile art by Linda Robertus.

I stumbled across this image and warmed to it instantly. Aside from being an impressive piece of textile art by Brisbane based Linda Roberts (my mother-in-law is a textile artist and I know how difficult this stuff is), the subject matter really struck a chord.

It absolutely represents the evolution of a cycling dad. Tentative wandering on the tricycle. Growing confidence with stabilisers. Rough and tumble on the BMX. No fear on the mountain bike (until that first king size crash). The thrill of competition, then fatherhood, with all its highs and lows, complications, time demands and responsibilities. I love it of course, but still feel torn at times. The Competition is still thrilling and the legs are still willing, but it’s not my time any more; over to you kiddo.

This is, of course, a gross oversimplification – and you’ll still see my gurning race face – but when it comes right down to it, the most important thing in my life it to ensure that the most important thing in our life (Evelyn) gets to enjoy the best activity in life (cycling).

Enjoy passing on that cycling heritage, ‘cos the next generation of Pendletons, Wiggos and Cavs starts here.



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  1. Hello Linda! Thanks for dropping by the site. It’s nice to say – in person as it were – that ‘cycle of life’ is a fantastic piece of work. If I were half as talented, I’d be twice as happy 🙂

    Enjoy those sunny rides in Oz – there’s absolutely no shortage in Brisbane.

    Best wishes,


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