Out and about….

…by bike. By train. By bike and train. Images from the saddle using a variety of styles. My compact camera recently got an upgrade, morphing from a Canon IXUS to a Canon S95; perfect for the pocket or rucksack.

Top to bottom: Man wanders past tube, The sun gives Cardiff’s “Café quarter” the European feel it aims for, Art Deco at Queen St station, Modern structures shine in the rare Autumnal sun (Cardiff).

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  1. Nice work. I struggle with carrying (and using) a camera on my bike. The DSLR is too big (and too valuable) and my point-and-shoot doesn’t cut it. You’ve got the right idea.

    Thanks for shooting.

    • Thanks Bill! The S95 seems to offer just about the right amount of functionality with a quality lens, in a package small enough for the pocket. I agree with you about the DSLR (I’m also not brave enough to use a DSLR when people are around – I actually got told off for taking photos at the train station).

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