Too cool for school

Flicking through Wired magazine – 50% technologically interesting, 50 % marketing propaganda – I stumbled across the image of this lovely thing above. Manufactured by Rizoma (who make motorbike bits) its Curvy, light, belt driven – the perfect commuter.

Or not.

The hefty £3300 price tag does not include mudguards (handy in sopping wet blighty), nor the biggest, most secure ‘D’ lock in the history of padlock manufacture to prevent the thing being cut off the stand, cloaked in a blanket and bundled into the back of a 20 year old transit. My staunch advice to anyone looking for a stand-out commuter is don’t; the chip shop bike or well secured workhorse is your best bet around town. Save the bling for secure lock-ups and forays on the weekend.

Only Wired (or Tatler)would recommend a bike like this for around town.  Further evidence – and this is the good thing – that cycling is attracting an ever greater market. After all, who would bother sticking R&D into a £3k+ town bike unless there was a perceived market for one? Doesn’t it make you feel all trendy?

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