Bank rolled! (for the soul that is).

Great news about the Roll for the Soul café in Bristol. They’ve reached their £12k figure and then some; £13,447. I had an e-mail from Rob Wall yesterday evening:

We did it! (That’s not a royal we, that’s we including you.)

Thank you so much for being part of Roll for the Soul’s crowd funding campaign. It’s just closed and the totaliser reached an amazing £13,447. That’s the most ever raised by a project on Crowdfunder! We are blown away. As well as getting us to the immediate financial target, crowd funding has shown what an appetite there is for a community bike café in Bristol. The whole thing has been very humbling and very motivating.

I couldn’t agree more. It seems that there’s a very healthy appetite for a community cycling café in Bristol and quite possibly, a template for others to emulate.

Very well done to Rob, the team and all those lovely crowd funders out there. Watch this space for more details.

Coming soon to a city near you?

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