Cyclists’ Calavera

Tonight my little ‘un will be doing her thing at the school’s Halloween disco, thus kick starting a little thought process; what cycle events have been organised for all hallows eve? A quick search on the internet reveals….not many. Shropshire council are very kindly laying on a Halloween party at Shewsbury sports village and if you’re a resident of the Windy city, lucky you; The Chainlink have organised a party with Lagunitas brewery. Shame. I’ve got an unsatisfied desire to dress as Bela Lugosi, ride my single speed  through a moonlit Llandaff fields and not get detained by her majesty’s finest. Maybe next year I’ll organise something in Cardiff.

It is slightly early to be talking about Halloween, but these things tend to take place over the weekend. Besides…. how could I sit on that top image any longer? (‘Cyclists’ calavera’ by J.G.Posada).

Halloween is (as customary) on Wednesday the 31st of October. Dia de los Muertos (The Mexican Day of the Dead) begins Thursday,1 November 2012, and ends Friday, 2 November 2012.  If you know of any Halloween cycling events, feel free to include them below.

Gears? Pah!

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