On the move in London


I was at the IP expo on London this week. It’s two days of showcasing new IT and telecom kit, systems and processes with a healthy dollop of evangelism on top.

Roll up! Roll up! Sign up for this system Sir and allll your worries will melt away.

Perhaps. After two months of negotiating, system speccing, mis-understandings and project slippage. That may sound unnecessarily cynical, but hey  – some bold claims are made in that arena. Pushing borderline misanthropy to one side, the IP expo undeniably affords a golden opportunity to gaze into  a 24 month crystal ball and stare down the barrel of kit that will eventually grace the Odoni office. I attended some good workshops, confirmed my growing feeling about cloud computing (inevitable) and added some items to the office wishlist. Packing all my flyers into my old kit bag, after 4 hours of propaganda  I wandered off with the camera. Normally I’d be out and about on my folding bike, but with nefarious weather threatened and no desire to be the only drowned rat at the ball, the tube got my business. Say what you like, but London is pretty good when it comes to mobility. It’s even better when it comes to streetlife.

Top to bottom: Businessman puffing in the wind, Lady emerges from corner of café window, Passenger reads over shoulder, Earl’s court, the ugliest duckling in the TFL pond, Couple at National History Museum. Incidentally, whilst they had no idea they were being photographed, Darwin – clearly – disapproves.






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