Womanby Street art

I idled to work this morning. The rain has temporarily abated, revealing blue skies and Autumnal sun. Riding my folder always slows me down a bit, so rather than cycle on auto pilot, I took a more leisurely approach and wound around the city centre from an alternative direction. Opposite Cardiff castle lies Womanby Street, a narrow ingress of red brick, pavé and evening street life. According to Peter Finch author of ‘Real Cardiff’, Womanby is a corruption of Houndemanneby, a Norse word meaning ‘huntsman’s dwelling. Recently efforts have been made to rebrand the area as Cardiff’s fashion quarter. That may be overstating it a bit, but there’s no doubt that this rare Medieval legacy – Womanby’s origins date back to the 12th century – has a rough edged charm, with disused buildings butting up to swanky bars and traditional pubs. The impressive street art adds a dash of 21st century street colour.  The image above – as proved by the image below – is a real showstopper.

I can strongly recommend idling to work by bike. You see your own space through different eyes. More aware. More relaxed. More in tune with your city.

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