Doff your cap

I’m a recent convert to wearing cycle caps and now I wouldn’t ride without one. To my mind, they are a ‘ride comfort management system’ (RCMS*), proving once and for all that I am full of hot air, romanticise cloth gaps and a great loss to the school of banal management speak. Nudging all that to one side for a moment, they really do serve a very useful purpose. So here’s why I love ‘em:

  1. They keep sweat out of your eyes.
  2. They prevent rain on your face and – if tilting your head down – can keep great big swarms of gnats out of your eyes.
  3. They keep your head warm(er) in the winter.
  4. They suggest a dalliance to the retro and come in rather natty designs.
  5. They almost negate the visual impact of a ridiculously muddy/badly designed (delete as appropriate) helmet.
  6. You can doff a cap.

Caps even mitigate gurning.

Cycle caps also represent the best bloody bargains in cycle wear. The ones pictured here cost me £25 from Prendas Ciclismo and dropped through my letter box yesterday.

You may have noticed that amongst all the black – I struggle with colour – there’s a yellow one in mod livery. I assure you that I am not jumping on the Wiggo bandwagon. Despite seeing Weller 3 times, I know for sure that the heart of  mod music is Northern Soul, that the social lyrics of the Kinks hold up to literary scrutiny and have weakness for Vespas. I also think that the definitive version of ‘Wade to the water’ belongs to The Ramsey Lewis Trio (below). I do not, however, own a parka.

*Hands off. I’m copyrighting that acronym.

The cycle caps are from the excellent Prendas Ciclismo and are available here. If cycle chic is more your thing, dispense with the helmet and go corduroy. 

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  1. I have used cycling caps off and on for years. In southern California it can get too hot to wear much of anything out here. Still, every chance I get I wear it proud.

  2. I thought to myself just last night that I do need an RCMS ….. bit scared of jumping on te bandwagon though …. do they make CE approved bowler hat do you know?

  3. I must confess I still have my original PDM cap from the time when it wasn’t compulsory to wear lids – probably about the same era as smoking was deemed good for general health and made you look cool (apparently) …..

    Perhaps I should combine the best of both world and bring it into the modern age and wear it under my lid ….

    My mate Wozza smokes whilst riding his bike (singlespeed – (not relevant in any way whatsoever)) as he believes that the benefit of the bike neutralises the ‘badness’ of the fags …. it’s an interesting concept.

    I think I’ll get him an RCMS to complete the picture of health …..

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