Spot the irony?

Spotted the irony in this picture? Cyclists are prohibited from riding through Queen St, one of Cardiff’s prime shopping streets. To a degree, understandable, the street is busy with pedestrian traffic. However, for cycle commuters that need to link the West of the city to the Industrial South East, there remains no viable – or at least safe – alternative to using the busy roads that ring-fence the CBD. Each day I cut across a short stretch of Queen St, to link Greyfriars Road with Churchill Way. Each day, trucks, delivery vans and street cleaners enjoy access permissions we don’t on the same street. Joined up thinking in transport policy remains as elusive as ever.

As an aside, I spotted the sign below at the British library (Kings Cross, London). We cyclists must be a terriby dangerous bunch. .

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  1. The other irony of course is that cyclists are permitted to use the whole length of the Hayes precinct, from Hayes Island to John Lewis. Which is just as busy as Queen Street, if not more so. Utterly ridiculous.

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