Tempted to become an instructor?

Did you know that there’s a bursary available if you wish to become a cycle instructor? Well courtesy of Cycle Training Wales there is – and with the exponential growth in cycling, getting clued up people on the road is a very fine idea. Rather than re-invent the – disc – wheel, here are the details of the scheme directly from CTW………

KEEN cyclists are being invited to apply for a bursary which will cover half the cost of qualifying to become a safety instructor. Cycle Training Wales (CTW) is looking to expand the pool of instructors who provide cycle training in a self-employed capacity, and has set up the bursary to encourage more people to develop their skills. Through the bursary, successful applicants will be able to complete the four-day National Standard Instructor Training course, which will equip them with the skills and knowledge to turn children and adults into competent and confident cyclists. Nick Canham, CTW’s training manager, said the social enterprise wants to increase the number of qualified instructors so that more people can enjoy the benefits of safe cycling. “Our highly-rated programme offers a well-balanced combination of practice and theory and all instructors have a lengthy background in education and teacher-training,” he said. “The Welsh Government recently stopped offering the bursary, but CTW feels it is important to increase the number of qualified instructors and is underwriting half the cost of the course so that more people can be taught how to be safe while out on their bikes, and in turn improve their health and help the environment.“We are looking for applications from enthusiastic cyclists who will work on a freelance basis and will fund half of the training cost themselves, which would be £225 for the four-day course and assessment.”

 CTW is Wales’ leading independent provider of cycle training services. The not-for-profit social enterprise was established in 2008 to promote well-being and the environmental benefits of cycling through education and skills training. It has since worked across Wales and in some regions of England.

For more details of the bursary, visit www.cycletrainingwales.org.uk

CTWs work is absolutely first class, so if you’re tempted to become an instructor, this is an excellent opportunity to train with passionate, knowledgeable people.

Pictured above: Russ at CTWs workshop

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