Not jammin’ (when the sun comes out)



Ok, so you can’t reduce it to simple arguments that rule out a whole stack of other factors, but today, with a hazy sun filtering through the canopy of  leaves and onto the River Taff, the Taff trail was alive with cyclists. They (we) were coming from everywhere. A sea of bobbing helmets (mostly) span through Bute Park in all directions.  Contrast this with Tuesday, when the heavens hadn’t so much as opened, but rather removed the doors altogether.  It was criminally wet and my cycling shoes still carry that musty swamp tang (I’ve got to hide them).

Whilst roads in central Cardiff on Tuesday resembled the images of Sao Paulo (‘Jammin – Would you want your city to look like this?’), the roads today were clear with traffic flowing smoothly. Take North Road at 8.25am for instance (above). Yes motorists, you can thank us cyclists for helping you out with that. Cyclists can – and do – play an overlooked part in every smooth commute by car. The weather throws an instant spotlight on this factor, exaggerating something that is already obvious to anyone who rides a bike or takes public transport. Local authorities take note.


On a separate note, I still think that Peter’s pies van looks a bit out of place at the Royal Welsh college of Music and Drama. They strike me more as the canape types.

All images from today’s commute across Cardiff.


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