Cycle show NEC 27-30 September

It’s with a heavy heart that I’m sat in my office, gazing forlornly out of the window at Splott and missing out at all the fun of the Cycle show. There’s nothing wrong with Splott per se (lest I get duffed up on my way to Bruton’s sandwich shop), but it would be very, very nice to be manning the Odoni stand at B22. Still, with Andrew, Angela, Paul and Rhys sharing the duties, it’s in very good hands.

There will be lots of lovely bike stuff on display, a high footfall (which means you get to chat to lots of people about cycling) and no doubt a fine supply of coffee and cakes, so you may wonder why I’m sitting this out. Well there are three reasons for this. First and foremost, Mrs N broke her thumb and jarred her shoulder whilst competing at Round 2 of the Welsh Cyclo-cross league on Sunday*. This means that she’s finding it very hard to iron all my clothes and cook all my meals (JOKE! It’s 50/50 in the Nurse household). So I’m on hand to lend a hand (if you know what I mean). Secondly, I’m swamped with lots of work commitments and several projects colliding. Hey-ho, it’s good to be busy. Thirdly, it is the annual pilgrimage to the Three peaks in Yorkshire (Sunday). Nothing, but nothing, should stand in the way of that most venerable of institutions, particularly as it enjoys its 50th year. I’ll be toeing the line with fellow JIF members Craig Standage, Donald Gray and Paul Bennett hot off his V50 Welsh road champs win. Here come the Belgians – my second claim club – will also be well represented by crossjunkie and co. Looking at the weather reports I’ve taken the unusual step of fixing cleats to my wellies.

If you’re heading to the NEC you’re in for a treat as its scope just keep’s on growing. As I mentioned before, we’re on stand B22, so pop along to take a peak at our pivoting hanger (top), type 9 (in stunning orange and black. Honest) and our little green roof. We also have our lovely ilsoigneur musettes. For the duration of the show, there is a 25% reduction on stock items in the Odoni e-bay store (the pivoting hanger is made to order).

*Bit of shame that. It was the first time that the whole Nurse family had competed together. Cross can be a cruel mistress.

The cycle show is at the Birmingham NEC from the 27th to the 30th September. I’ll be doing the thing below.

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