The mapping of London bike journeys

The short video above illustrates the path of the 1st 5 million journeys by Boris bike. It gives a pretty good indication of where the hubs of activity are in London life (or at least the hubs of cycling activity on a rented Boris bike). It gives a very good indication of where all the Boris Bike parking slots are. Is it useful? For PR purposes its tremendous. That’s a whole lotta culture change going on. For data purposes, perhaps, but its going to take a lot of digging to uncover the social behaviours and transport enablers that encouraged these journeys. One thing is for sure; it’s fascinating to note that 5 million journeys have been clocked in a relatively short period of time and as a means of representing data, its beautiful and almost peerless.

Its cycle art Jim!  but not as we know it.….. (created by 5 million sets of spinning legs and expressed through the medium of science).

For best effect, click the full screen icon on the video window. With thanks to New Scientist. The original article can be found here.

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