Those hard earned bike handling skills

Jauregui from Jacky Durand on Vimeo.

Bike skills are hard earned. In cross, for instance, a plethora of skills are required; the ability to bunny hop is handy. Taking a muddy corner without losing traction and then powering out (priceless). Riding muddy embankments without losing momentum. My personal favourite  is getting up in one seamless movement after a crash, as this is something that I have almost totally mastered (due to the huge amount of practise I get). The list is almost endless. But at the pointy end – and I mean the super pointy end – fractions count and the ability to hop quickly onto a saddle can be make the difference between winning and losing. So it is not without a certain amount of disbeleief that I watched the footage in the brief video above. It’s from the World road race champs and you need to see it about 3 times before you twig what’s happened. Chapeau team France. I think you’ve nailed that one.

Thanks to Donald Gray for spotting. We think the young lad is the French Junior Cyclo-cross champ. No wonder.

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