The finest of bedfellows; music and bikes

It’s not all bikes at cyclestuff you know. Sometimes it’s  music and bikes. A world without a soundtrack is a silent, sad world indeed. Last night we had the great privilege of enjoying a set of sublime blues americana by the Smoke fairies, ably assisted by folk rockers Bears Den. Under a waning autumnal sun, we rode to the Buffalo Bar in convoy, cross bikes spinning along a quiet Taff Trail. Bikes were locked, double locked and welded to the railings outside. Some  beers, good company, old anecdotes given fresh legs and a couple of hours of haunting melodies. Back before Midnight of course, lest the cross bikes turn back into pumpkins.  Is there a finer way to spend a school night?

It’s only fair to share as my gran used to say, so enjoy some footage of the two bands doing what they do best. Better dust off the panniers and check on the date of the Hebridean folk festival.…..

Thanks to Jarlath for spotting the gig. Thanks to Spillers Records for sorting tickets and CDs. The smoke fairies current album ‘Blood speaks’ is in your local record shop.

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