Sunshine on a (non) rainy day

At last! Dry, sunny, gorgeous, September. Indian summer arrives in Wales after the monsoon season. The UK has endured the dullest, coolist and wettest summer since before the Great War , as evidenced by this build up of flood debris at the base of Western Avenue Bridge (Llandaff). These pictures were snapped at the sheer joy of seeing a shiny golden orb hanging in an azure blue sky and being able to enjoy it on a bike. Who wants to be stuck in a car on a day like this?

On sunny days, the Taff Trail is alive with cycle commuters – in this case, sauntering into the distance whilst cars  crawl in the heavy traffic above (Western Avenue).

The end of the (pavé) road. It seems such a shame that a Victorian legacy lies beneath characterless tarmac; it seems to lap against the pavé like the onslaught of the tide. A workman kicks stones against the backdrop of a DHL delivery truck. Golden light bathes everything.

I wonder if John Malkovich has ever seen his hotel in the sun? (Hollywood legend John Malkovich owns ‘The big sleep’ hotel, formerly a British Gas office block where my grandmother spent her working life). Snippet of interesting info; Malkovich was patron for Cardiff’s bid for European City of Culture 2008. The accolade ultimately went to Liverpool.

It’s overcast at the moment, but the outlook for the weekend is good. Go cycle.

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