Is nothing sacred? John has a second bike stolen

Unbelievably, after enjoying a nice social evening celebrating his 64th birthday (John has the looks and attitude of a 21 year old), John had his second bike stolen this year, from precisely the same spot – Locked to the fence outside the Bishop’s palace, Llandaff (John’s bike is top left in the image above). Its a quiet locale, but enjoys plenty of human traffic all through the evening. It’s a brazen theft and you can’t help but wonder if the same thief is at work. Again the bike is red and distinctive. Details as follows:

Its  a 52cm Flanders cyclo-cross bike,  white decals, a homemade replacement drop out (making it instantly different from everything else) and has a Quintana Roo  wheel. The image below is not John’s bike (rest easy e-bay bidders), but it’s bloody close. For another image of John’s bike at lower quality, have a look at the gallery below.

Information leading to the return of John’s bike will be rewarded with an Odoni product of your choice. I’m fed up of seeing this hard working, decent bloke’s stuff being stolen by low life.

If you’ve 8minutes spare, watch the film below on how to track down and deal with people that steal your bike. Bravo all concerned. If you haven’t got 8 minutes spare, skip to the good bits at the end. They involve direct communication, a foot chase, a police car and a prosecution. Case closed.

Link to LiveLeak


If you do spot this bike, or better still, know where it is, either tweet me @cyclestuffblog or drop me a line at . I know a lot of people who want to see this bike back with it’s rightful owner. Thanks to Big blue bike for spotting the Live link video. Advice on how to lock a bike and reduce risk of theft can be found here.

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