Sky cycle: Friend or folly?

The sky cycle. Friend or folly? Sam Martin’s mooted overpass separates and elevates cyclists from the fumes and dangers of London streets.  A utopian overpass of which HG Wells would be proud could shortly gleam above the streets and offices of the big smoke. But guess what? Cyclists would have to pay for the privilege of enjoying a healthier and safer environment. Odd. Perhaps we were all deluded into thinking that creating a safe urban environment would already be part of that expensive little money spinner, income tax. Or community tax. Or corporation tax. Or Capital gains tax. Or inheritance tax. Or……(ad infinitum)

To find out a little bit more about this story, this is one of those vary (very) rare occasions when you’ll find a link to <sharp intake of breath>, The Daily Mail (blame a tweet that I spotted). Road CC have also written a piece about it here 

I still can’t make up my mind about this. I like the notion and love the vision, but I worry about ghettoisation and all that implies (‘Idiot! get off the road and get on the Sky cycle!’ etc. etc.). As cyclists we have every right to be on the road and government has the responsibility to ensure that it is safe for us to use them (please see previous post – That old H&S chestnut).

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  1. I like the idea in a way, but its all part of the brainstorming process I believe. I doubt this idea will come to fruition but its nice to think they are trying to solve problems. Like you say it might cause more problems in attitudes. Good post btw. Ben

  2. I recently read a consultation report from Dinas Powys, the residents that attended all said there was a real urgent need for a cycle/pedestrian path between Dinas and Barry. The reply was that the community council had some funds available but not enough for a project of this size. The engineering costs and problems along this road are many. It struck me that maybe one way would be a raised bridge structure with a graded ramp at either end. It would be more cost effective than engineering around the road or flood plain. It is really needed as a main commuter route to Cardiff from Wale’s largest town.

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