Cycling in circles

Have lunchtime will travel. Being a cyclist affords a long list of possible lunchtime activities. Cycle to coffee house? Pick up some shopping? Training? A little bit of urban exploring? A combination?

Best thing I’ve read in ages – Jim Shepards ‘Love and Hydrogen’ (short stories)

Yesterday, I parked my backside on Wellfield Road for 20 minutes, knocked back a strong coffee and toasted sandwich, then ambled back to the office via Roath’s victorian alleyways. Wide lanes that used to clatter to the sound of horses hooves, now provide the domain of back street lock-ups, working garages and a blank canvas for graffiti artists. I grew up in the centre of the city, splitting my time between Cathays, Roath and Grangetown, the backstreets offering rat runs between the streets and playing host to impromptu games of cricket and football. These alley ways remain timeless, the only discernible difference between the 70’s and the 10’s, being a marked improvement in the witticism and quality of the street art.

Interestingly, whilst wandering around and recording this stuff, a tall, thick-set, bloodied and mildly aggressive fella holding a large can of cider asked to know what I was doing. No, I’m not a copper….No, I’m not from the council…..No, I’m not a student (at least not in the sense that he meant).   Eventually he conceded that I probably was someone with an interest in finding out more about his home town. We then engaged in a conversation about the dividing line between street art and graffiti. I  fear he had a far better handle on it than me.

These encounters only happen when you move through you environment with your eyes, ears and mind open.

Busby guards the alley way.

Community minded good advice.

Pumping onyour stereo? or Walk this way? (RUN DMC edge that one).

Bob lives on.

Tree of life.

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