The bike at night


One of the great pleasures of being a cyclist, is ease of mobility late at night. No need to rely on cars and if your destination involves some serious travel, you can integrate your plans with the rail network.  The image above was taken by Craig on – another – wet evening excursion.

Travelling with a bike on a train is spectacularly easy during the evening. Cabins are quiet, passengers and staff are tolerant (rush hour is a different proposition).These images were taken at Cardiff’s Queen St station whilst waiting for a late evening service (The saintly glow from the poster in the background is mildly amusing – its promoting healthy eating).

The River Taff basks under a blazing full moon. The silhouette in the background is that of Llandaff cathedral, a construction that’s presided over this part of Cardiff since the 12th century. Picture taken enroute to a Thursday get together, via Llandaff bridge and whilst on my commuter.  A scene that would whip by in the blink of an eye if sat in a car (and you’d still have the headache of getting back).

Our fleet of bikes are tethered to railings, awaiting our return. A shot dash across quiet parkland offers safe passage for Thursday night socialites. Is there any better way to travel?

With thanks to Craig Standage for the top image (Rain on Ti).


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  1. Great shots. I have not wrapped my head around riding at night yet – it feels a bit too vulnerable. I do love the combination of the train and a bicycle. Our transit system has gone to large center cars with hooks to hang bikes, but I’m looking at folders to make the transition a bit easier.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Bill. It’s worth investing in some good lights (best you can get within budget) and taking the plunge. The key is to seek out and favour the quieter stretches. It opens all sorts of extra possibilities.

  2. I was out riding through Point Grey and downtown Vancouver, BC late last night. I forgot how wonderful night rides are! The glow of the city lights and the glittery night sky is beautiful. I love the lull of the ocean at night, too. I feel like I’m one of the only people out enjoying it sometimes!

    • What a lovely comment. I was sat with a close friend of mine and big fan of B.C. (Julian) when this came through. You’re dead right – cycling at night is fantastic.

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