24 hours, two cross bikes, three cameras

The product of Meandering around Cardiff. Twenty four hours , two cross bikes and three cameras later…..

My favourite stretch of cycle lane. Segregation is controversial on both sides of the argument. Do cycle lanes offer protection and visible support of the medium? Or do they promote segregation, ghettoization and lip service? The jury is still out. Personally, I’m in favour of lanes when they are done properly and this example represents the best type – a contra-flow on a one way street (for cars).

The sun penetrates dark patches of cloud after climbing the Garth for some cyclo-cross training. The poor, soil encrusted camera on my Blackberry smart phone does little favours for the brilliance of the scene. I briefly chat to a fell runner:

Simon: “In 20 years I’ve never noticed that road before”.

Fell runner: “Funny what you spot when the lights come on”.

How true.

Cycle lanes and pavé. Hard to connect the two in Cardiff, but they do exist.This one is short and despite being very central, remains isolated and blissfully quiet.

Political activism occupies the rear of the road signs and the front of the cycle lane. This industrial area blurs the boundaries between the rich and the poor; high-class motor dealerships and expensive apartments share the same space as social housing and – historically – street crime.

Cycle parking awaits cyclists in Cardiff Bay. Cardiff is fast falling prey to the unplanned development of two distinct CBD (Central Business Districts) entities. Despite being separated by only a mile, The bay and the centre need joining at the hip..

Yes, there’s a place called Splott. Yes, it’s where Shirley Bassey comes from. Yes, I work there.

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