America ByCycle

Image courtesy of ‘The Wise Routes Project’ (who are selling this book).

Spotted this yesterday.  ‘America ByCycle’  (below) is the pet idea of Michelle Cassel and Ryan McAfee, two ‘multimedia journalists’ doing – pretty much – what they say on the tin.  If you add a dollop of Colin Beavan (‘No impact man’),  to a dash of Nick Hand (British photographer/author and a LOT more understated), pour these influences into a blender with ‘The burning man festival’, you’ll pretty much get this little project. The pair are working their way around the States and using multimedia to spread the word, posting a whole stack of these vids to Vimeo. Had those free-spirited types in the 60s had access to iPads and 4G, these short bursts of entertainment/reportage might have been made 40 odd years ago. Be prepared to pardon the odd cliché.

Like the music though and love, love, love the idea. Oh to have that freedom…..

I’m still obsessed with the idea of touring Northern Europe by Mercian. That day gets ever closer (retirement I guess….).

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