Snow time

An authoritative voice is always handy when you’re fighting for improvements. This short film* for the London festival of architecture has been made by John Snow on ‘bicycle assignment to New Horizons’ (a youth centre) . Following Jon on his excursion around central London, it contains the type of comments, witticisms and muttered abuse (“No! Stop where you are…….Oaf” at 2 mins 40) that either flow around my mind or squeak out of the corner of my mouth the minute I leave the leafy confines of Bute Park and enter the gladiatorial arena of Boulevard De Nantes (though I hasten to add that Boulevard De Nantes is nothing like Euston Road). Whilst Jon may be just as clued up on the issues that surround city cycle use as any regular and observant** commuter, he almost certainly has the trustworthy, scholarly,  media profile that most of us lack.

Fight on, Jon.

*This “Wheels of chance” video is not to be confused with James’ ‘Wheels of chance’ video, which is rather more fluffy.

**There’s a very valid observation about cycle parking right at the end. Ta! (It keeps some of us gamefully employed). 

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  1. Great video from the great man himself. I love to spend an evening down the pub with Jon. My own JS claim to fame is I spent 2 hours in Selfridges with the in house tie expert helping me find something to match a purple silk shirt for my wedding. Apparently the same chap who’s advised Jon in the past, and he certainly knew his stuff.

    • Thanks for commenting Andy. The next time you see Jon, please give him my regards and congratulate him on a splendid little film (and particularly my favourite and most appropriate use of the word ‘oaf’).

      P.S. For a store assistant to spend 2 hous on a tie, it must be a good one! (look after it!).

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