Roads we like #1 (first in an occasional series)

You have to love this arrangement. A road snatched from the motorcar and handed back to the bike. If  this image is ringing any bells*, you are undoubtedly from Kent or at least reasonably familiar with Canterbury. I wondered along Pound Lane a couple of weeks back, took the image, forgot all about it and stumbled across it again a few moments ago. In congested areas, removing road access to cars, taxis and buses is a powerful and contentious statement. Lets see more please. Much more.

Canterbury incidentally, is a cycle friendly city with plenty of cycle parking, relatively quiet traffic (by city standards) and lots of places to grab an espresso. Aside from its famous medieval cathedral and city walls, the city also has a very european feel, no doubt influenced by its proximity to Continent (Dover is a mere 16 miles away). Take the lovely Cafe Du Soleil (below) for example (there’s even a rather nice Belgian cafe with a fine range of refreshments**). Bring your road bike for fine spins through the rolling Kent countryside, or something a little more relaxed for quiet exploration and contemplation (see pics). My visit to Canterbury was brief, enjoyable and destined to be followed up in the not too distant future.

*hint/bad pun.

**In this instance the refreshment may be brief as very strong Belgian beer – your Rocheforts, Le Chouffes, Chimays and the like  – offer even more potential for incapacitating cyclists as it does for refreshing them. 

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