Trojan discs

If there’s a cooler record company logo out there, I’ve not seen it. That emblem deserves to be a headset badge for a hand crafted steel beauty. It’s owned by Trojan records, home of Dub, Ska and reggae. I’ve just put in an order for some fine ska on the Trojan label in the form of ‘The Ehtiopians’. It’s got that jumping, quintessential Jamaican beat that gets people grooving en-masse. Recently I got thoroughly hooked (again) on the ‘Late Nate Tales’ series of compilation albums, a cornucopia of esoteric tracks and artists. Belle and Sebastian’s contribution to the pantheon sent me down to Spillers Records in search of  1960s Jamaican grooves. For a funky post ride soundtrack you can’t go wrong. As usual, our friends at the worlds oldest record shop had their finger truly on the pulse.

One of these days, I’m going to get around to starting a cycling club for no other reason than to have the undsiputably snazziest jersey on the start line. Our little logo on the left has got me thinking……Trojan Velo? Cambrian Aegis? Sparta Cardiff? Single speeders, cyclo crossers and 29ers particularly welcome (motto: ‘ Expect the unexpected’).

 Spillers Records is the oldest record company in the world and still keepin’ the punters happy. Its nice to buy from real people who are really in the know.

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