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TVUsing the patented technique that we at CycleStuff used when deciding upon a name for this very blog, ITV have made a show about cycling and decided to call it, The Cycle Show. Lets face it, its better than trendy titles like Pedals, Spokes or Wheels – or even worse their “street” versions; Pedalz, Spokz or Wheelz.

The series will have the usual news, features, challenges and technical features that you’d expect. The description boils down to Top Gear on two wheels – although managing to find someone as bigoted as Clarkson would actually be a major achievement in a way.

You can find it on ITV 4 -you know, the one that when it isn’t showing the Tour de France, is showing repeats of Minder and The Professionals – at 8pm on Monday, with a repeat at 5:30 on a Saturday.

Now, we don’t normally do “newsy” stuff like the above on CycleStuff, but this was worth a mention due to the bigger picture. This is part of ITVs push to become the cycling station. They already have the Tour de France contract until 2015, as well as a number of other races, audience figures for cycling are growing year on year, as is the popularity of cycling generally, and most of all, cycling on TV helps bring in the ABC1 audience which allows ITV to charge more for its advertising – cash they’ll need for the next TdF contract talks.

ITV have made a good move in supporting cycling as it has grown, with a possible explosion should Wiggins do the business on Sunday and the Olympic cycling team repeat the feats of Beijing.

For Cycling, cyclists, ITV and the advertisers, this could be one of those rare cases where everyone wins.

Image By Takkk – CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDLvia Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Good article Paul!

    It’s very encouraging to see ITV have the vision to invest in cycling coverage in this way. My long held desire to see the Giro, Vuelta, Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix on ‘free to view’ may yet come to pass. Your point about advertising revenue is very valid and it’s a sign of the time that when Muc-off and Wiggle are both advertising on TV (I remember them starting as tiny companies), you know that times have changed.

    Now then……..straight back to the lab and think of some more articles. More of the same please 🙂

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