The fairytale of New York

Another discovery virtue of late evening internet wandering. This short film by Cinecycle* ‘spins a visual ballad between the two cyclists experiencing the city in their own unique ways’. I can see where they’re coming from; despite being somewhat contrived, the aerial footage of Alfred Bobe Jnr weaving his way through jammed Manhattan traffic provides quite a contrast to the relaxed saunter of Fatimah Durkee. Both bikes – and both cyclists – seem very at home in this most urban of settings, despite quite different interactions with their environment. It’s almost as if they are separate species, adapted for entirely different functions. To my mind however, the star here is the city – New York is a place that almost defines the term.

Oh the magic of the internet eh? From the comfort of your own pyjamas**, you can journey so far, yet voyage so little. There goes another slow Monday eve.

*But sponsored by Hutchinson cycles, who appear to be supremely confident about their tyres ability to deal with broken glass.

**Metaphorically speaking. The last time I owned pyjamas I was about 10 and they were covered in images of Batman.

Footnote: The blog post title is from surely the greatest Christmas song ever recorded. The late great Kirsty McColl gets super fesity with a punky Shane McGowan, all to the backdrop of of diddly-dee. I suspect that these Mid July Christmas thoughts are the product of relentless sh*te weather.

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