“The wheels of chance”. Cycling London to Paris footloose and fancy free

Very recently, Cyclestuff featured a little piece about James Williams’ recent trip to Paris. With his mate (Richard Winter), the pair took a leisurely ride from London to the French capital in 3 days. To rub our noses in it, they also captured it on video and despatched it via James’ dad (Tom, a colleague) to arrive on my desk this morning. Not wishing to watch the painful sight of people doing things you’d much rather be doing, I left it on the desk for a good 30 minutes.

Reluctantly I gave in and to be entirely honest, frank and grudgingly complimentary, they’ve done a rather good job of it, the Gits*. I love the way that the weather added itself to the cast list by being overly dramatic and gray over London (getting properly into character), whilst lightening considerably for the ferry trip to Dieppe. The bike lanes and hospitality at Gournay-en-Bray is evidence of the French love of velo, whilst Versailles brought back warm memories of my graduation (thanks to the Euro loving MSc programmes of the Open University). The finish at the Eiffel tower is a cliché that you just have to forgive. What says ‘Paris’ more than Eiffel’s magnificent contribution to the 1889 world fair? On reflection, I have only one criticism; fellas, geographical place names begin with CAPITAL LETTERS even if lower case letters look nicer. Kids of today eh? We don’t teach them like we used to, ‘A’ levels are too easy, didn’t have video in my day etc. etc. etc.

To enjoy the full French experience, pop a stove top coffee maker on the hob, warm a pastry in the oven and enjoy James and Richard’s little video ‘the wheels of chance’ . Music – I’m pretty sure – is by French electronica maestros, Air.

*We love ’em really.

James works for 4orm architects in London; sympathetic employers who allowed the use of their video editing stuff. Lucky blighters.

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