Mud 24 (and probably) 7

Newnham mud. Image courtesy of Silverfish UK

Shattered today and my brain is much too chaotic to put together a decent piece about the Brontager 24Twelve race at Newnham. The salient points; Muddy, muddy, muddy. ‘Orrible  conditions. Excellent race set-up. Mechanical problems ended our efforts. We placed 4th in the pairs, whilst close friends and camp comrades* Matt and Martin of adventure racing outfit ‘Might contain nuts‘ won the same category. Organisers, competitors and supporters all deserve medals. And knighthoods. AND free beer (publicans take note).

*This means we shared a camp, rather than Matt and Martin are camp. I don’t want them throwing chain rings at me like ninjas throwing stars.

A proper piece will appear in due course, accompanied by Julian’s photos. I was too beasted to remember to take any.

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