Newnham on the horizon

Image courtesy of Andrew Kornyla

It’s the 24 hour race tomorrow. From Midday on Saturday to Midday on Sunday, team ‘Odoni-Cyclestuff’ (in other words, me and Jules) will be taking it in turns to complete laps of the Newnham park circuit. I have packed a ridiculous amount of gels. I have stashed an inordinate amount of energy bars. I have secreted away a cheeky bottle of ale (sshhhh. Don’t tell my riding partner). With the Beastie Boys ringing in my ears, it’ll be a definite case of ‘no sleep ’til Brooklyn’ (for ‘Brooklyn’ read ‘Sunday lunch time). Being the nice chaps that we are, we’ll be sharing our big top styled tent (I’ve borrowed the company gazebo), with Matt and Martin of ‘Might contain nuts’. We know them well, they don’t have too many nasty habits and we’re hoping they’ll make us tea.

A brief overview of the race will appear next week on the Cyclestuff site.

Provided I’ve had enough sleep.

And a lot of coffee.

Pop over and say hello if you’re at Newnham. If you’re not, enjoy some zzzz’s.

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