Breaking news: Xenomporhic plant overruns cycle shelter roof

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“It’s alive!!!” screamed Paul, futilely clawing at the fire exit, it’s unyielding steel panels preventing any chance of escape. Creeping ominously from its oragnic matting, the red weed reached out, feeling for purchase and gradually conquering all life that lay before it.”

……or so Paul would have you believe. Having read waaaay too much H.G.Wells as a young boy in short trousers and is still glued to Jeff Wayne’s audio version; the strings blasting ‘baah, baah, baaaaahhhhhh’ from his 1930’s gramophone. Paul sent me these rather lovely images of our Sedum roof flowering at our Midlands site (he loves his Nikon D70). For the purposes of allaying alien invasion fears, I’ve also included one shot from the Jeff Wayne album booklet. Can you spot the difference?

See Paul? It’s easy.


The ‘green roof’ on our bike shelter is now all sorts of colours and flowering. We’re biased, but we think it’s rather lovely (and it’s soaking up some of this bloody rain). For details of cycle storage equipment with green roofs contact Odoni.

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