Spirits need a lift?

In an attempt to have a lazy morning – I’m not very good at that sort of thing – today I popped some croissants in the oven, brewed some Coffee on the hob and tucked into le petit dejeuner with the two ladies in my life (one above and one below, 5 feet tall), eventually retiring to the sofa, Boneshaker in hand. It’s been a busy week and this was the first opportunity to digest its contents properly. Soothed by the aural honey of La Femme D’Argent (by Air – follow this link for a marvellous video and music combination), I chuckled at  ‘Le Farm’ a ludicrous, surreal short story by Aaron Ortiz. I developed a serious set of green eyes whilst marvelling at Kepa Acero’s journey along ‘El Camino de Santiago’ (a long time inclusion on my wishlist).I nodded in sage agreement with Robin Wilkinson’s assessment of his journey from Cardiff to Holyhead on an old Raleigh Sprint (I’ve cycled or run much of that route and my second ‘proper’ bike was a Raleigh Sprint in 1982). My eyes flitted furtively from side to side while digesting ‘Bike smut’. I might keep this copy on the top shelf.

I read a lot of stuff. Newspapers. Academic papers. Graphic novels. Books. Magazines of various sizes, shapes and flavours. None of them are as heart warming, human or soulful as this little mag from Bristol. I doff my cycling cap.

Boneshaker issue 9 is available from fingerprint distribution.


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