The Parisian weekend

NOT James’ bike. Nice image though.

Last weekend James Williams, friend of Odoni, trainee architect with 4orm (and at 23, irritatingly young), did something really annoying. He decided in that devil-may-care attitude so often flaunted by footloose and fancy free youngsters, to ride from London to Paris. That’s right, hot-tailing it from the big smoke to the city of light. Just because he had some free time.

Armed with a vintage tourer and a  route map culled from the gloating of other hedonists,  he cycled to New Haven, hopped on a ferry and then lazily cycled to the French capital, collecting other cyclists along the way. He stopped in rural cafes for ginger beer and rum. He drafted off the back of a local cycle club. He got an invite to a rooftop party in Paris with a collection of attractive young Parisians.

Apparently the weather improved the minute his tyres touched Normandy. Apparently the cycling conditions in France were unbeatable. Apparently……it’s the most fun thing you can do with a weekend free and no commitments. Well most of us have got commitments James and the last thing we need is enviable tales of cycling derring-do that force us to gaze out of our office window and onto a concrete landscape with a wistful faraway look in our eyes.


As you may have guessed, I’m thoroughly envious of James’ weekend activities. James took some video footage which at some point we hope to catch up with. What a fine idea though – London to Paris for the weekend. Ahhh… can almost smell the boulangerie…

The Pictures below are from my last visit to Paris (August 2011 and sadly sans bike), illustrating why going there is such a damn attractive option (I don’t need much encouragement to visit). Chapeau Mr Williams. James did some architectural style drawings recently which you can see here.    If you like the rather nice image by Micahel Valenti (used on the main-page) you can find it here.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Simon!
    It was a fantastic experience, pretty much how you explained it. I would advise anyone to give it a go, since its great fun, very affordable and very do-able!

    Eurostar back for me, book well in advance for cheaper deals, if not then you could always cycle back…….(gulp)

    Thanks again

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