God is in the detail: Design frustrations

Unsightly and avoidable minor irritation: cable rub

‘God’ as they say, ‘is in the detail’. This is a rant. A minor rant, but a rant nonetheless. It thoroughly irritates me that cables rub on either side of the steering tube, eventually removing the beautiful finish that took several hours in paintshop to achieve. There are solutions of course; apply a clear sticker over the area (which often come off very quickly) or regularly rub some grease or other form of barrier onto the area in question.  But it annoys me that you have to do this at all. Given that some very smart people take a great deal of pride in the design and effort put into these beauties, and that almost every cable is routed in this manner is unavoidably going to fall prey to the power of physics, why some attempt isn’t made to prevent – or at least stall – this from happening, is a perennial mystery to me. Maybe I’m too fussy. Perhaps I’m too picky. Then again, every visitor to my office today has got the impression that it’s just been ransacked by a particularly enthusiastic and committed industrial saboteur. So perhaps I’m not. Of course, cable rub is not the only thing that frustrates; the easy removal of seatposts (spot the nervous Brooks owner), bottle cages that allow their contents to escape like twitchy salmon  etc. etc. etc.

Anyway……no biggie. It’s off my chest now. I can stop whingeing and carry on admiring.

Share your design frustrations in the comment section below and engage in some e-therapy. Go on. It’s good for you.

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