Capture the imagination

“Let’s ride” by Paul Bower

My daughter’s school presents reduced opportunities for bike use. The main road that passes at the end of the estate is a narrow main artery. The cars that use this road leave the M4 and hurtle down it, gradually readjusting to the 30 mph speed limit.  The pavements that border the road are skinny affairs where pedestrians tentatively sidestep each other. The location of the school is at the top of a small cul-de-sac with few other residents. In short; cycling for a child is a tricky affair. But as I suggested before, “a small bike casts a long shadow“.

So when I spotted this lovely piece of art  by Paul Bower, it brought a broad smile to my face. I’d like to see a poster like this at every school, in every park, splashed broadly in comics and magazines, on paper bags and lunchoxes, at libraries and skate parks. Spread the word; a child that cycles is fat, has fun and lays the seeds for sustainable transport use in the very near future.

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