In celebration of hills

Love ’em or loathe ’em, hills often dictate cycling outcomes. From the Giro to the Tour, from Flanders to the Peaks; climbing ability can make all the difference. Whilst most of us are not riding for professional teams, to approach hills in warm anticipation, stands the rider in infinitely better stead than fearing them as a thing of torture. Hills are brutal, beautiful things that turn boring rides into adrenaline fuelled things of joy. To fire you up and convince you of this hilly propaganda, here’s a selection of iconic cycling images that feed the imagination. Whilst gazing at them remind yourself; that lumpy thing just outside of town is a mere pimple, a tiny hump in an otherwise flat road. It’ll pump blood through your veins as you climb and fire the wind through your helmet as you descend. You’re stronger than those around you. You’re earned this. It’s yours. You own it. Go conquer.

Cycle art above by the rather wonderful hand of Liz Meyer. This weekend I’ll be out trying to convince myself of my own advice.

Image via Phil Wilson’s Flickr stream.

Painting by Pat Cleary


Image courtesy of Photoblog

Image courtesy of Photoblog


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