The Brooks B17

As much as I love my commuter – a Genesis Day one, single speed crosser – I can’t say that I get on with the saddle. It’s one of those economy jobbies, supplied as a consequence of providing a good frame at at great price. Lengthy training rides result in the type of problems that you really shouldn’t blog about. So I won’t. Problem easily solved of course – enter the Brooks B17, a 100 year old classic and the second Brooks saddle to enter my stable.  Opening the box, I was greeted by a stern John Boultbee Brooks, steely eyes gazing  from the front page of ‘The bugle’, making it  clear that ownership is a serious matter. You have to love the heritage and stoicism of this piece of kit; still defiantly popular despite the modern tendency to redesign and overdevelop components that satisfy their function effectively. The saddle entered active service at 8.35am this morning and I look forward to at least 30 years of use. I suspect The B17 will probably outlast the bike.

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