A small bike casts a long shadow

Last night I took my daughter for a little spin around the park. She’s revelling in her new found abilities. The stabilizers have long since been removed, she’s sussed how to start off without a shove and she absolutely adores going quicker (she even asked if she could do cyclo-cross next season. She’s 5 ). Then it struck me; a small bike casts a long shadow. Evelyn attends a school that doesn’t benefit from safe routes and segregated lanes. Cycling role models flit briefly through our media in the most faddish of fashions (Whilst World Champion Mark Cavendish presses home his points advantage in the Giro D’Italia, BBC sport aren’t even featuring the race as a major sports item). All that enthusiasm and gusto needs a helping hand from her environment and ours is not greatly forthcoming. The responsibility for our future commuters, tourers, crossers, roadies, MTBers, BMXers, trial riders…….unicyclists even – it all rests with us.  It’s an enlightening, sobering and necessary thought: To realise the cycling future that we want to see, any effort to support kids riding is infinitely worth it.

Now where can I get that tiny cross bike?…….

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