How do you….

How do you balance an 800 year old Norman castle on your bike?


Boom boom.

If you’ve never ridden the beautiful rolling countryside between Newport and Caerphilly, you’d be amazed at the scene that greets you at Van Road. The second largest Norman castle in Great Britain (after Windsor) emerges stoically in Caerphilly town centre. The South East tower leans 3 metres from the perpendicular. Trebuchets line the inner castle walls. Swans glide in the moat. It’s a stunning setting and I couldn’t resist capturing it on my blackberry. One of these days I’ll learn my lesson and start cycling with a real camera worthy of the job.

Emerge from a terraced street (Van Road), straight onto this.

This particular ride was part of a controlled experiment into hangover cures. Using a well prepared sample (me), a solid theory (Using a tough course and a 46 x 18 gear, would the combination of hard riding, hills and warm weather result in speedier recovery?) and collecting data via observation of physical responses, I set about the task.

It’s rare that trials are wholly conclusive, but in this case the answer was ‘absolutely NOT‘.  Bloody lovely ride though.

Wales offers plenty of potential for interesting and testing rides. If you need suggestions for South East Wales in particular, please drop us a line.

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  1. The Usk road out of Newport is another good one, Bulmore Road, not Usk Road. My usual exercise route goes out that way then comes back via. Lanhennock with some spectacular views. I use 46/18 gearing on that route coincidentally.

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