Cyclo-cross, Western league style

As it's summer, expect NOT to see scenes like this. Honest.

Summer cyclo-cross is here. That’s right SUMMER cyclo-cross.  You’d be forgiven for thinking we were about to enter November rather than May, but nonetheless, summer is on the horizon and those nice people from the Western Cyclo-cross league are putting on 10 fixtures from Mid-May through to Mid-July. The current calendar is:

May   16         Pittville Park Cheltenham, C&C CC –
May   23         Hengrove Park Bristol, Dream CC –      
May   30         Warmley Forest Park , Giant C.C/Halo films –  
June   6           Oldbury Court Bristol, Severn road club,              
June  13         Gloucester Boating Lake, Striking Bikes,
June  20          Hengrove Park  Bristol, Dream CC, 
June  27          Supermarine Club Swindon, Team GWR,
July    4            Warmley Forest Park, Giant C.C/Halo films, chris.turvey  
July   11          Supermarine Club Swindon, Team GWR,                                 
July   18          Oldbury Court Bristol, Severn road club,              

This is what Summer cross should look like. Image from Bike City.

Start Times:- Under 12’s, 18.30hrs  Free
Youth/Jun/Wom/Vets/Sen  19.00hrs  £4/£11

All are organised under the ‘Go racing’ banner so a license isn’t necessary. Just a good set of knobblies, a big smile and an unhealthy obsession with going like the clappers*. Please note that Hengrove  and Oldbury Court are subject to Bristol City Council approvals and its best to ring beforehand (Craig Denning  07867557123  / Mark Horton 07966881959 respectively).

It’s unlikely I’ll make any of these events sadly; they’re all on a Wednesday, which is Daddy and daughter sports day (currently swimming lessons). Evelyn is 5 years old and if I don’t make her put the hours in now, she’ll never be an Olympian in 2028** I do however thoroughly recommend summer cross racing. I popped across two seasons ago and loved it to bits (Boneshaker article here).

*This describes me perfectly except for the ‘big smile’ bit. I’m more of a ‘huge grimace’ man.

**Joke. I’m not one of those parents who wants to live his sporting dreams through his offspring. Besides, she’s too busy learning applied Mathematics for the space program***

***Another joke. She’s actually learning the harp.

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  1. if you had been at the MTB race in Worcester yesterday you would know that mud, running, cold and broken rear mechs (thankfully not me) can occur at any time of the year.

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