The caped crusader

Batman courtesy of Laura Jul

The last 2 weeks have been a volatile blend of monsoon weather, wild swings in temperature and the odd burst of rip snorting winds. But it’s the rain that’s got to me the most. I’m not a fair weather rider and fully prepared to tough out inclement Welsh conditions, but holey moley – it’s been bloody wet. The relentless deluge does drive some (but just some) of the fun out of cycling.

This has gotten me all cape-curious. Could it be the panacea to those saturation woes? Over a 100 years of use suggests there’s something in it and frankly, those gore-tex manufacturers are making claims that are difficult to support when the weather gods lob a bucket over you. After all, can you imagine Batman getting wet on a bike? No. Me neither.

What’s good for Bruce Wayne is good for me (aside from fronting up to crime barons which is incredibly time-consuming, reduces ride time and batters the wallet). So I’ve had a little look at caped use on the web. I fancy the Carradice number, but I’m aware of a cape’s image destroying capabilities. Is that important? Probably not. When you’re headed to a meeting, laptop tucked into a classy messenger bag and trying to appear moderately respectable, disparaging glares from über racers are the least of your concerns. Just ask Yahuda Moon if you don’t believe me.

Just the ticket squire. Image via Adam of 'The Guvnor's assembly'

I'll never do justice to a cape like this lady.

A cheap solution to a thorny problem. Read more on 'Over the pages Wisconsin'

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