The Periodic table according to the Tour De France

I have a vague and distant memory of studying the periodic table at school. Chemistry was my least favourite of the scientific disciplines, but like many schoolboys keen on classifying, cataloguing and arranging, the periodic table was a welcome chink of light in an otherwise impenetrable subject*. I’ve forgotten most of it now, other than Pb (Plumbum) is lead (how comical that was at age 12), Sn (my initials) is tin and Ar is the chemical symbol for pirates (boom, boom).

I’m pretty darn sure though that Chemistry would have really floated my boat if the periodic table was available in the form of ‘le tour des Merveilles’ (below). This fab bit of art celebrates all the Tour De France winners since 1903. The most common element in our new table? ‘lA’ of course.

‘Le tour des Merveilles’ is available from Onasixpence.

*It wasn’t impenetrable really. It just drove me nuts.

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